Saturday, November 14, 2015

Saturday 9; The Night the Lights Went Out

Saturday 9: The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia (1972)
Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

Well this is an oldie but a goodie! I always liked this song.

1) The lyrics tell us about a young man who stopped at a bar named Webb's before heading home. What's the last restaurant or bar you visited? What did you order?
A. Last restaurant would be Shakers. I ordered a chicken pot pie and a small salad with a glass of water, no lemon. I haven't been to a bar in 30+ years.
2) In this video, Vicki Lawrence is obviously lip synching. If you had to participate in a competition, would you do better at karaoke or lip synching? And what song would you choose to perform?

A. Hmm. I think I'd try the karaoke just to do it since I never have. The song I would sing would be You Needed Me, by Anne Murray.

3) Back when this song was popular, so was the Rubik's Cube. Can you solve that 3-D puzzle?

A. A very long time ago I could solve the Rubik's Cube in under 2 minutes, though it took me hours of practice to reach that feat. I daresay that is not the case now, since I haven't had one in hand for decades.

4) Vicki Lawrence is a hyphenate, meaning she's a comedienne-actress-singer. Using hyphens, describe yourself.

A. Wife-Writer-Photographer-Friend-Earth Lover/All-Around-Nice-Person (usually).

5) Back in the early 1970s, songwriter Bobby Russell first offered this song to Cher, who refused it. Give us the name of a song Cher did record.

A. Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves! Maybe I should do that one as karaoke.

6) Vicki Lawrence won her first big break playing Carol Burnett's kid sister because of her resemblance to the star. Have you ever been told you look like a celebrity?

A. I have not.

7) She also starred on Mama's Family in the role of matriarch of an argumentative Southern clan. As we head into the holiday season, do your plans involve a lot of family time?

A. At the moment, I do not have any holiday plans at all, except not to have any plans.
8) After The Carol Burnett Show and Mama's Family, Vicki became a staple on daytime TV. She hosted Win, Lose or Draw and was a contestant on The Match Game and $25,000 Pyramid. Do you watch much daytime TV?

A. No.

9) Random question provided by a Sat 9er: Bugs/insects. Do you like 'em or fear 'em? Tell us something/anything you know about them.

A. Bugs. I don't like them. I am not especially afraid of them unless they are large and scary. Mostly they are an annoyance. We have an influx of stink bugs in our areas, which is an imported pest that has taken over the east coast in the last decade. We didn't have them until about 5 years ago. We also have lady bugs in the fall which are some kind of imported lady bug and not native. They gather in clusters on the sides of houses.

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  1. While the Rubik's Cube was invented in 1974, it didn't leave Hungary until 1979 and wasn't available world-wide until 1980. I remember it become popular around here (at least with my junior high students) in the 80s—long after Vicki Lawrence's 1973 song was a hit.

  2. And here I thought my comment was going to be about how I've never done karaoke, either. Now I find I've been schooled in the history of Rubik's Cube. I humbly offer my mea culpa. ! I trusted a web site devoted to top-selling Christmas toys. Unfortunately, unlike Woodward and Bernstein, I do not double and triple check my sources. :)

  3. I don't mind lady bugs...I guess due to playing with them as a kid "Lady Bug, Lady Bug, fly away home" etc. But they are the only bugs! (Though when the proper mood, I find watching ants endlessly fascinating)

  4. I nver could get anywhere with damn cube. That's amazing...

  5. aww i like your hyphenated description :) and i could solve the rubik's cube back in the '80s and only just recently picked it up again. it does come back to you after fiddling with it for a while :)

  6. I'm not afraid of bugs but I don't like them.

  7. I loved Anne Murray. Her songs we so great to sing to.


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