Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Masked Face Fox Squirrel

This odd little critter, which apparently is a masked face fox squirrel, showed up at the house again this weekend.

I noticed it Sunday morning when it tried to take a bite out of the house at the back door. This is the second time I've seen it (or its sibling).

Apparently these aren't seen often around here. I can find little mention of this type of squirrel in Virginia online, although it is native to the Carolinas. How this one found its way to my back yard is indeed a mystery.

Note as you scroll through the photos that in one you can see that the squirrel's tail is about twice as long as its body.

Look at the length of that tail!


  1. What a catch. I wish I can have such rare shot when going outside.

    The squirrel is gorgeous and you have shared some amazing pictures

  2. he sorts reminds me of a bear's coloring ... so different. very cool. neat sighting. ( :
    hope you are well. i have not taken time to stop in, in a long while. take care.

  3. I think he hitched a ride in a truck or trailer and just ended up in our area. His color is nice, but for some reason I find him to be sort of creepy.

  4. What a cute face! I posted a few squirrel pics myself yesterday.


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