Friday, August 07, 2015

England, Scotland, and Ireland

If someone were to hand me a big wad of cash and tell me, here, go wherever you like in the world, I think I would like to visit England, Scotland, and Ireland.

I have roots in Scotland and Ireland. Scotland in particular seems to call to me, and England, with its visions of moors and heather, seems enchanted. I also have a friend there whom I would love to meet in person. We've been emailing for 15 years; it seems a shame to never be able to shake her hand.

Perhaps this is the reason why I found Downton Abby interesting. It showed me a different way of living, as well as being somewhat historically correct, I think. And who can resist those British accents?

It would be grand to be do like the folks on Who Do You Think You Are? and travel about discovering my history (and all the while being able to pay the researchers to do the work for me!).

Of course, I am romanticizing the countries, I'm sure. But what histories they have! I've seen pictures of the landscape and truly it's not so different from home, here in the Blue Ridge. Maybe a bit cooler with more rain. However, it does look much like the mountains I adore.


  1. I agree! I would love to visit there as I have much family history in all three areas. Lived in England as a small child while my dad was in the Air Force. You might enjoy watching Great Estates of Scotland. Was on PBS, but you can find it on youtube.

  2. We have similar roots, though I felt a stronger calling to Ireland. I have been very fortune to visit all 3 countries more than once. I always feel I am coming "home" when I get to Ireland, though it has been many years since I was last there and I know it has changed significantly since I was last there.

  3. Three places I would love to visit as well, especially England. Would love to see the town my grandfather came from some day.


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