Thursday, June 18, 2015

Thursday Thirteen #400

I'm celebrating a big day in my world of Thursday Thirteen. Four hundred posts. Almost eight years of not missing a single Thursday in making a list of 13 things.

And I thought I couldn't stick with anything. Guess I was wrong, huh?

What kind of wondrous post could I make for such an occasion? I thought about listing my favorite older posts, but I like them all (even the dull ones).

So, since I am officially older than dirt at the age of 52, at least according to my brother, I thought I'd offer up some life lessons. I've learned many things in that long period of time.

There are more than 13, though. Forgive my impertinence at taking this leeway today.

In no particular order:

1. Fulfilling needs is one thing, fulfilling wants and desires is something else again.

2. Happiness is a full belly, a decent environment, not having to pee, well-spent leisure time, not being too dirty, not being in pain, and spending time with friends and family. Material comfort is important, but once basic needs are met, great wealth has no relevance to a good life.

3. Once one of your needs go unmet, it is difficult to regain your balance. It can take a long time to find your equilibrium. An acronym I have found helpful is HALT - don't get too Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired.

4. If you are an adult, you really don't have to do anything you don't want to. You think you do, but you don't. You always have a choice. Even if someone locks you in a cell with your hands tied behind you, you have a choice in how you respond. You don't have to go to work today. You might lose your job, but you don't have to go if you are willing to pay the consequences.

5. Death by flies should be avoided at all costs.

6. No one is perfect. Everyone has people who dislike them for reasons known and unknown.

7. At the moment you are born, no one is any better or worse a person than you are. But the things that follow after that first breath can make you or break you. Regardless of your life experience, though, all lives matter.

8. There are no new stories.

9. Sometimes you need to get out of your own way. You cannot control everything.

10. Exercising makes you sweat.

11. Get a life that looks out on a beautiful view.

12. A good bed makes a big difference in how you sleep.

13. Don't scrimp on your education, and don't waste time on skills you don't need.


The people you love will always disappoint you.

Dreams without action are fatal to the heart.

You can make your own family.

Time is our most precious commodity.

Live in the gray areas of life. Black and white are too contrasting and only bring about turmoil and conflict.


Thank you for reading and being a part of my life, Thursday Thirteeners! Many blessings to you all.

Thursday Thirteen is played by many people; you can learn more about it here. This is number 400 for me.


  1. I'm not sure you're older than dirt, but I do have a few rocks younger than you. But on a plus side, age doesn't really matter, unless we're talking about cheese....................

  2. If happiness depends on creature comforts then I'm doomed. I haven't been pain free in a long time. Happiness is when someone tells a joke and you get it.

  3. So many wise gets here. I'm not sure about no new stories, but it could be that only how you tell them can be new.

  4. I'm also almost as old as dirt, 50 in a few months. #3 is so true.

  5. I can relate the most to #6 :)

    I admire your determination to stick on T13 that long! Wow!!
    I wish I can be like yours, lately I have failed my monthly posts let alone weekly post


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