Monday, June 08, 2015

They Say It's My Birthday

So yep, another year's gone by. I've spent nine of them writing almost daily on this blog.

I spent the first 20 living at home with my parents, the last 32 living my husband. I took eight years to obtain a BA, and another eight to obtain a masters degree.

I have been writing for The Fincastle Herald is some capacity or another for 31 years. I've written and published literally thousands of articles and photographs. I've managed to be published in about a dozen different venues, but I've yet to write a book.

Twelve years of my life were taken up working at various lawyers' offices.

I've had more than a dozen different surgeries.

My journals take up boxes of space in one of the closets.

My hobbies still include writing, music, and reading. And video games. Mustn't forget that big time-waster. I like to garden, too, but that has become too physical for me in the last two years.

I enjoy fantasy, science fiction, mysteries, mainstream literature, and weird stuff. I am not a "prepper" but I keep a lot of toilet paper around in case there is an apocalypse. Can't have the world coming to end with nothing around to wipe your bum.

My friends on Facebook number about 500, and I am blessed with a number of folks that are true-life in-the-flesh friends.

My husband loves me.

So not bad for 52 years, I suppose.

I guess if one looks hard enough, you can see that young girl in the old woman pictures at the top.


  1. Happy birthday. I remember 52. Vaguely. :) Hope you have a wonderful day.

  2. Hope you had a good birthday, Anita!

  3. You and my Eldest have the same birthday date. And I can see the pretty Gal you became in all the younger photos. Wishing you many more birthdays, as many as you want.


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