Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Take That, Amazon

About five years ago, Google/Blogger joined with Amazon and created a way for you to link easily in your blog posts.

I used it for book reviews. I liked having pictures of the book covers on the reviews. Then it went away and if I wanted the picture I had to do some convoluted hunting around on the Amazon Associates site to find what I needed. Sometimes I did that if I really liked a book.

While I have been an Amazon Associate for six years or so, I have not once received any money from this endeavor. It's a good thing I wasn't counting on it to eat or anything.

Every month I receive an email from Amazon Associates telling me that while lots of people received money this month, I was not one of them, and any money in my account under a certain sum would be retained until such time as I implemented appropriate strategies to bring in more revenue.

I have ignored this email for years.

Recently I received a note from Amazon Associates demanding that I upgrade all of my links to a different code. If I didn't, I'd have loads of broken links in my blog that went nowhere. They were no longer servicing older Amazon Associate ads.

So I spent over two hours today going through my blog(s) and removing Amazon ads. I had no desire to implement the changes on every page and it was easier to do away with it.

The good thing is I noted my blog pages loaded faster with each ad removal. The little pictures are gone, but I don't suppose anyone but me cared about that, anyway.

I have no plans to do anything else with my Amazon Associates account. I wasn't using it as a revenue enhancer, anyway.

But I did want to go Phttt to Amazon for making me spend my precious time ridding my blog of their code.

So Phttt to Amazon.


  1. I has no idea there was or is an Amazon Associate option. Not something I plan to opt on doing, but it's nice to know that had I opted into it that I would not have become wealthy. xox Sorry they wasted your time.

  2. I have issues with Amazon from a different direction, so I can understand your frustration and resignation about how you've been treated (or not treated). Like Pepper I wasn' t aware of an Associates option either. Seems like a good way to get the horse to do the work without having to feed him. Id say you're well rid of them.

  3. Good for you saying phffft to Amazon!


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