Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sunday Stealing: Would You Rather, II

From Sunday Stealing

Would You Rather Meme, part two

1. Would you rather go to a movie or to dinner alone?

A. It doesn't matter.

2. Would you rather always say everything on your mind or never speak again?

A. Can I vote for this as weirdest question in a while?

3. Would you rather make a phone call or send a text?

A. Make a phone call. I don't text.

4. Would you rather read an awesome book or watch a good movie?

A. Read the book, then see the movie.

5. Would you rather be the most popular person at work or school or the smartest?

A. The smartest. Popularity is highly overrated.

6. Would you rather put a stop to war or end world hunger?

A. If we had no wars and put that money toward helping people, as we should, we would probably manage both goals.

7. Would you rather spend the night in a luxury hotel room or camping surrounded by beautiful scenery?

A. I live in beautiful scenery but I am not pampered much, so I think I'll go with the luxury hotel.

8. Would you rather explore space or the ocean?

A. Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages . . . Speaking of which, if you're not keeping up with the New Horizons and Pluto, you are missing out. You can read more about it at the NASA website at this link. This is super cool stuff and we should all be excited about it. I mean, Pluto! Dang.

9. Would you rather go deep sea diving or bungee jumping?

A. How about neither.

10.Would you rather be a kid your whole life or an adult your whole life?

A. Okay, maybe this gets the nomination for next weirdest question. But if I had to be stuck at a certain age, as I have said before, I'd like it to be my late 30s or early 40s. Still young but wiser.

11. Would you rather go on a cruise with friends or with your spouse?

A. With my spouse. However, he is a landlubber so I don't see it happening.

12. Would you rather lose your keys or your cell phone?

A. Neither. But I can do without the cell phone, the aged ol' thing.

13. Would you rather eat a meal of cow tongue or octopus?

A. Oh good grief. I'll go you one better and tell you to go eat mountain oysters.

14. Would you rather have x-ray vision or magnified hearing?

A. I already have too many super senses. I mean, I can smell snakes, for heaven's sake. And I hear frequencies others don't. My eyes are poor, though, so how about just normal eyesight?

15. Would you rather work in a group or work alone?

A. Alone. Good thing I chose writing as my occupation, huh.

I had a nice birthday. My husband took me out for baked spaghetti, the first I'd had in a year (thanks to ulcers). It was delicious. I bought myself the sneakers I wanted, and had cards and calls from friends and family. One of my friends visited and gave me an interesting Tarot reading.

Later in the week, I had breakfast with one friend and lunch with another.

So a good birthday week for me. Thanks for all the good wishes.


  1. The whole group, so far, has chosen working alone.

  2. Ha,ha! Rocky Mountain that is one food I haven't tried, nor do I plan on it.

  3. There have definitely been a lot of weird questions. That's for sure. Glad you have a nice birthday :)

  4. I'm with you on #9. Neither!


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