Saturday, June 06, 2015

Saturday 9: You're No Good

Saturday 9: You're No Good (1974)

... because Harriet suggested Linda Ronstadt

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.
This is a great song!

1) This week's featured artist, Linda Ronstadt, turns 69 next month. Will you be celebrating any family/friend birthdays this summer?

A. Actually, my birthday is Monday. I will be 52. My husband's birthday was earlier in the week, and my brother's was yesterday. June is a big birthday month for us.

2) Linda sings that she's learned her lesson and it's left a scar. Tell us how you got one of your scars. 

A. I have so many. But one of the more interesting ones is a thin scar just below my thumb joint on the backside of my hand. I hit my hand on a filing cabinet corner at the county courthouse while I was doing some research, and before I realized I had cut myself, I bled all over some public records. So my DNA will forever be ensconced at the courthouse.

3) This song is about a lover who is, obviously, no good. Let's be more positive. Who is the nicest person you know?

A. Most people I know are nice, so I can't really pick out the nicest. However, my physical therapist, Audrey, has been incredibly kind to me over the last year and has gone above and beyond her job to help me feel better, so I will give kudos to her today. I am pretty sure I wouldn't be standing on my own two feet right now if she hadn't helped me make it through the winter.

4) Linda says that she grew up on Mexican music, which was sung by her entire family. Do you speak any Spanish?

A. Yo hablo muy poco español. Yo tome español durante tres años en la escuela secundaria. But I have forgotten most of it and had to look up the words for that second sentence.

5) She toured often throughout her career and is quoted as saying, "they haven't invented a word for that loneliness that everybody goes through on the road." Are you missing someone right now?

A. I spend a great amount of time by myself. My husband works three jobs so he isn't here as much as I might like.

6) Ms. Ronstadt was once involved with George Lucas of Star Wars fame. Who is your favorite Star Wars character?

A. Princess Leia.

7) In 1974, when this song was a hit, The Magic 8 Ball was still a top-seller at toy stores. It retailed for just $1.99, and promised that all you had to do was gaze at it, concentrate, and wait to learn your fate ... "if you dare!" If you could get an answer to one question about the future, what would you ask?

A. How long will it be before humanity destroys itself?

8)1974 is the year when Mikhail Baryshnikov defected to the United States. Have you ever been to the ballet? 

A. I have been to dance recitals for my niece where they performed ballet. Does that count?

9) Random question: What's your shoe size?

A. I wear a 7D in New Balance sneakers, preferably the 928 model, if anybody wants to go to Zappos and send me an expensive birthday present. ;-) (Updated 6/6/15 at 8:25 a.m., I just ordered myself a pair!)


  1. Happy, happy birthday! I hope you get at least one pair of those sneakers. (I read somewhere that you should replace your athletic shoes every 6 months.)

  2. Happy Birthday. I remember this song by Linda Ronstadt. It was on the radio a lot way back when. Hmmmm ... Well, lets see... Quite a few of our familys BD's are in April. I have a scar on the side of my hand from a toboggan accident. Ouch, haven't thought about that in years... I remember the magic 8 ball... Took my granddaughter to see the Nutcracker Suite when she was young. We loved it. My shoe size is a 6 1/2 and I wear new balance also. Have a great weekend. Hugs, LJ

  3. Happy Birthday

    That is the same sneaker that I wear, the sales woman wanted to sell me one of those fluorescent colored sneakers... no thanks!

  4. Happy Birthday, my friend. Enjoy!

  5. We should have a special meme day on Monday for your birthday! :)

  6. I got a right giggle at number 2.........!

  7. No birthdays this month, but have a ton coming up during the next two months. Good song, pity she can no longer sing.


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