Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Buchanan Garden, Art & Antique Festival

We headed out to Buchanan Saturday afternoon for a little visit to a local festival.

There were about 30 vendors, food, and music.

The newspaper editor, Ed McCoy, & my husband
(the guy in pink) have a chat.

My husband and Virginia House of Delegates
Representative Terry Austin.

The event featured plants and art.

Yummy food up this way!

Interesting items for sale.

An old friend, Pam Wiegandt, at her booth
for the area community garden.

The Beekeepers Association

My mother's old friend, Lynn Miller.

More things for sale.
I don't know what the overall attendance was. We were there during the hottest part of the day and there were not many people. Hopefully when the weather was cooler more folks were out.

It was a nice little event. Buchanan is a great asset to Botetourt County.

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