Friday, May 08, 2015

Books: King and Maxwell

King and Maxwell
by David Baldacci
Unabridged - 13 hours
Read by Ron McLarty with Ortlagh Cassidy
Copyright 2013

This is Baldacci's sixth book in his King and Maxwell series. The guy is a prolific Virginia author with several other series as well as stand-alone books.

I've listened to all of the King and Maxwell series and enjoyed each one. The characters of Sean King and Michelle Maxwell are well developed. There's always danger, political intrigue, technological savvy, and relationship complications. I don't know how the books read in print but I enjoy listening to them in the car.

In this story, King and Maxwell literally stumble into their next case. A rainy night, a young teenager running with a gun - bang, the book is off to a fast start. The young man, Tyler Wingo, learned hours earlier that his father, Sam, had been killed in action in Afghanistan. His stepmother wasn't too concerned that the young teen had run off.

Former Secret Service agent Michelle Maxwell felt all of her spidey senses tingling when she and Sean came across the situation. Something was amiss. Boy, was she ever right.

The duo begin investigating and soon a plot unravels that goes straight to the Whitehouse. Add in a psycho with revenge issues and you have the making of a big story that might cost the two private investigators their lives as they work to protect the young boy and uncover the truth.

I enjoy this audio version, which come across almost more like a radio play than an audio book. Using a male and female reader for the various parts was genius. The audio also added in special effects - gun fire, crashes, and a little ramp-up noise to alert the reader that there's something up and you should listen to the next part while the car is parked. Otherwise you'll forget you are driving.


  1. Thank you for this suggestion! Something I would like to listen to while driving to visit my parents!

  2. I LOVE David Baldacci. My husband and I always listen to one of his books when we are driving the 8 hours to Santa Barbara to visit our son and his family. I think we have finished all of the King and Maxwell series (to date). I do like having the male and female voices, but the sound effects bother me. Have you listened to Michael Connelly? One of our other favorites.


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