Thursday, December 11, 2014

Thursday Thirteen #373

Well, it's one of those Thursdays when I am clueless as to what to list, so I'm going to beat my forehead on the desk and see what I come up with.

. . .

Ow. And ouch. Hmm. That didn't help much. Now I have a headache!

Here's an idea. Maybe it did work. Christmas is coming, so how about 13 gifts to give.

1. A card. Have you seen the price of these things lately? $6.99 for some of the nicer ones. Thank heavens there are still some $0.99 ones around. At those higher prices, though, the card itself becomes a gift. Too bad for most people they are just something to toss in the recycling bin (I cut my cards up and use them for book marks).

2. A smartphone, or GPS, or some other technological doohickey. If you have a loved one who is still in the dark ages, consider getting them an update.

3. Clothes. Always a good choice, especially if you stick the gift receipt in the box so they can be returned. I read somewhere that clothing is the most returned item. It is so easy to see some cute little top and think, O, Betsy would love this! And so you snatch it up. 

4. Food. I think food is generally a welcomed gift, especially if you give something nice, like an Etzler Ham, or a gift box of mixes. Jellies are good, too. Or those boxes of mixed stuff like from Hickory Farms or Figi or whatever. Yum. As for me, I am always happy to receive a box of Cella's chocolate covered cherries. Homemade is good, too. Fudge and cookies, please.

5. Cash or gift cards. I hate to give cash but for the young ones, it is the best. I stopped giving gift cards for the most part, because that forces people to spend money where you want them to spend it. The young folks especially need to buy gas for their vehicle more than they need another CD or whatever. Older folks might like a restaurant gift card, and for that hard-to-buy for relative, gift cards to a department store are good.

6. Books. This should have been first on my list. I always give books and love getting books, even though my house is smothering in books. Can one ever have too many books? Books are also much more expensive than they used to be. Dime store novel? More like $10 novel.

7. Things people collect. I try not to give what I call "sitty-around" things, but if someone collects something, that's different. If you have a friend who collects salt shakers or little gnomes or ugly fairies (anybody remember those troll dolls from long ago?), then by all means, feel free to add to the collection.

8. Coffee mugs. I like coffee mugs with cute sayings on them. Generally everybody has room for one more coffee mug, and if you're considerate about what it is on it and get something aimed at your recipient, a coffee mug can be a great hit. Maybe you can find one made in the USA or whatever country you live in? Make that your challenge.

9. Some kind of crafty thing. The farmer's market and other craft shows are wonderful places for finding unique little doo-dads that I can't think of this early in the morning. You just never know what people are offering.

10. A letter. What? A letter? In this modern day and age? Well, yes. A very thoughtful letter telling someone what he or she means to you might be the best darned gift you can give. And I guarantee it probably will be one of the best darned gifts that person receives, especially if it is full of love and goodness, memories and joy. Celebrate the people you love. They aren't going to be here forever.

11. Cooking stuff. If you know someone who is a chef, or maybe someone who has been married for 30 years who doesn't like to cook much but whose stuff has rather worn out, maybe some cookware would be nice. Try not to give things that cause cancer, though I am not sure what that would be since everything causes cancer.

12. An experience. You can give tickets to plays, movies, boat rides, airplane rides, hot air balloon rides - pretty much anything you can think of. Maybe your friend wants to go mountain climbing. Just don't give them a ticket to something they can't actually participate in. For example, someone like me who's in physical therapy and using a cane probably wouldn't go on a ski trip. So be thoughtful.

13. Time. How often do you give of your time? Time is eaten away by work and personal responsibilities. Do you *make* time to spend with your friends, or talk to them on the phone, or do you not speak to them for six weeks and still expect them to be there when you call? Clicking "like" on Facebook isn't the same as spending time with someone. If you want someone in your life, you have to make that person a priority once in a while. Because otherwise, you know, they're not a priority and they'll figure that out eventually.

How about you? What would you give for a present?

Thursday Thirteen is played by lots of people; there is a list here. I've been playing for a while and this is my 373rd time to do a list of 13 on a Thursday.


  1. Some excellent gift-giving ideas, Anita. I make little mini breads every year, as well as a plethora of ornaments for friends and family. My T13

  2. We stick to (mainly) gift cards. We get Visa or Mastercard gift cards, so people can use them anywhere - even for gasoline - they want. We get little somethings to go with some of them, but we enjoy getting them, and are happy to give them. We have also discovered that AFTER Christmas, stuff gets marked down and that money can go twice as far!!

  3. Wow! Cool post. When I beat my forehead on the desk nothing so creative comes. :) Unless I really know the people I'm buying for, I like to give gift cards because then people can pick something they'd like.

  4. I asked for stolen and Villa Appalaccia wine. I still haven't read the last three books I got in the Christmas Eve Yankee swap.

  5. I like giving books and sometimes gift cards. Money for my teenage nieces is always best.

  6. My mother gave me a cell phone many years ago. That was the start of cell phone usage for every other member of my family. Including her.


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