Saturday, December 27, 2014

Saturday 9: Marshmallow World

Saturday 9: Marshmallow World (1963)
Unfamiliar with this week's song? Hear it here.

1. This song likens fluffy clouds to marshmallows. What does the sky look like where you are today?

A. It is a beautiful pale blue streaked with white clouds and contrails.


2. The lyrics refer to snowballs. Have you ever been in a snowball fight?

A. When I was a child.

3. Chionophobia is fear of snow. What phobias do you have?

A. Fear of Sucess

4. In 2004, Canadian school children raised money for charity by setting a new world record: the most snow angels made in 24-hour period. Have you ever participated in a fundraising stunt?

A. Not that I recall, unless working to sell BBQ chicken and baked potatoes can be called a fundraising stunt.

5. When marshmallows were first introduced, they were used for medicinal purposes. Specifically to soothe sore throats. What do you take when your throat is bothering you?

A. I gargle with a mix of vinegar, salt, honey, and tabasco sauce. Really.

6. Marshmallows are an important ingredient in the Rice Krispies Treat recipe. If you were asked to prepare something for a bake sale, what would you make?

A. Fudge.

7. Darlene played Danny Glover's wife in the Lethal Weapon movies. Do you enjoy action movies?

A. Sometimes.

8. Darlene's father advised her to always, "shoot for the stars." Share some good advice you've received.

A. Don't give up.

9. Will you be returning/have you returned any holiday gifts?
A. I will be, yes. I usually wait until the crowd dies down a little.


  1. I used to love action movies, but now they seem to be about gadgets and special effects so I don't love them, but I still like them. Especially with Liam Neeson.

  2. "don't give up" is good advice. some of my kids like to chant, "never ever give up!" it's a good motivator. :) even though, truth be told, i kind rarely follow that advice. (shh!)

  3. I enjoyed reading your answers!

  4. Thanks for stopping by! Nice meeting you.I enjoyed your answers, and giggled over #5, it must be a southern thing, wink (as I have heard of it).

  5. I like when the crowds die down and when the kids return to school because that is when the best after holiday bargains happen :)

  6. No, don't give up.. very good advice.
    I went shopping today and there were no crowds. Whee. Got two new purses. Enjoyed reading your answers as always.

  7. I have the same stifling fear of success. Hate that. What are you returning, those clothes you mentioned? Just curious.

  8. Fudge! Yum. There is a lady that used to make this most amazing fudge for the holidays and then she'd give it all to the neighbors as a treat.... loved that....

  9. At the annual town fair one of the churches in town make the best BBQ, I always stop there for some BBQ ribs.

  10. "Vnegar, salt, honey, and tabasco sauce." Wow! How much of each ingredient? I need to know more.

  11. Love this song. Alas, our skies haven't been much to look at lately. We did have a bit of sun Sunday morning, but otherwise it's been cloudy or overcast. At least there's no drizzle today!


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