Monday, December 15, 2014

A Happy Man

On July 5, as regular readers may remember, my husband smashed his hand and arm in a hay baler. He required two surgeries and hospitalization. He's been seeing an occupational therapist since August.

He has regained most of the use of his arm and hand, but his last remaining concern was using the throttle and brakes on his motorcycle. So his machine sat in the garage. Until yesterday.

Yesterday, he went for a ride.

All of that therapy and hard work paid off.

He said he had no trouble with the controls at all.

He's been riding a motorcycle since he was 12 years old.

There he goes, almost back to his old self. His physical therapy ends this week - they're letting him go. He has about 90 percent of his use back in his hand, and they expect the rest to come back over the next six months.

Not only is he a happy man, he's a very, very lucky one. We certainly have this miracle to be thankful for this Christmas.


  1. That's wonderful! Best Christmas present ever :)

  2. Yay for Christmas miracle! I'm glad he could get back to his hobby/favorite transportation.

  3. Praise God!! So glad he can get back to doing what he loves to do! Christmas miracle indeed!

  4. I recall those earlier posts about his accident, Anita. It was very uplifting to read this update and to see that he can return to a favorite activity.mthis is the best gift of the season for sure. Happy holidays to you both!

  5. What a great milestone -- I hope he enjoyed his ride!


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