Monday, November 10, 2014

Fincastle Doin's

Last Thursday night, the Botetourt Historical Society hosted a book signing and art showing at the Botetourt Museum in Fincastle.

Authors Jean Robbins and Gail McMillan were on hand to sign their book, Dear Nannie . . . yours devotedly, Charlie. The book is a combination of history, recipes, and love story.

Artist Mark Woodie, whose detailed artworks of Botetourt County are coveted by many, was also on hand to sell his work.

I went to have my book signed. My mother-in-law had given it to me as a present last Christmas.

They had an impressive turn-out. You can order the book through the Botetourt Historical Society or go by the Museum and pick up a copy.

Authors Jean Robbins and Gail McMillan

Ed McCoy (editor of The Fincastle Herald)
and Pam Wiegandt

Loretta Caldwell and Weldon Martin

Artist Mark Woodie

Overview of the crowd.

Woodie talks to Pat Honts and George Syndor

Leslie Woodie, Mark's wife, and an
old friend

Sue Goodpasture, one of my old teachers

A shot of the punch bowl.

A board about the book.
It had been a long time since I'd been out. It was nice to see these familiar faces.


  1. i read your story in the fincastle herald...sounds like an interesting book. i'll have to make my way over to pick up a copy!

  2. Glad you enjoyed a nice evening out!

  3. It seems that you picked an excellent event to attend, after not being out for so long! Looks like it was a great turn-out, and how nice to spend time with old friends (and new!).


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