Wednesday, October 01, 2014

The Peaks of Otter

We drove on the Blue Ridge Parkway on up to the Peaks of Otter, but we did not go up the trail to the top. It was late in the day and the bus was leaving for its last journey to the top just as we arrived.

It's a good hike up to Sharp Top. It has been many years since I went up to the top.

The Blue Ridge Parkway. It's a great drive.

The lake at Peaks of Otter. We were told in the gift shop that there really are otters living in the lake.

The restaurant and gift shop.

They had some interesting items in the gift shop.

Cousin Kathy is an otter fan, which I did not know.

Uncle Buddy was the first to spy the Bear Poop.

This is Sharp Top (I think), the mountain. Spectacular views.

We can see the Peaks from our house, if I walk a little ways down the driveway and away from the tree line. The Peaks is another of those landmarks that mean you're almost home when you've been away.


  1. I can also see the Peaks of Otter from my house. NIce to know, we're looking at the same view, albeit from different directions.

  2. Sounds like the hike would be worth the view (and what's not to love about otters?). ☺


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