Monday, October 06, 2014

The Little Frog

I glanced out the kitchen window and at first I thought someone had placed a rock on the side of my little container in the garden where people sometimes leave things.
Upon further inspection, I discovered it was a frog.
It did not seem happy to have its picture taken, however.
As the shade disappeared, so did the frog. He slipped backwards.
I wondered how it got up there in the first place.
The next morning I flipped open the lid, and the frog was inside the box.
I left the lid up, and when I checked back later, froggy was gone.


  1. i bet he/she is not gone - just hiding. i have 2 of these guys on my deck. in my flower pots ... they like bugs big time. one time i saw him stuck to my window getting bugs like a crazy frog/toad. so fun. they really do look like rocks. totally agree. ( :

  2. We've been getting froggy visitors, too. So cute!

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  4. What a pretty pattern on that last shot! It almost looks like a rattlesnake in photo #2.


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