Saturday, September 20, 2014

Saturday 9: Margaritaville

Saturday 9: Margaritaville (1977)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) In this song Jimmy sings of "booze in the blender." What do you prepare in your blender?

A. Mostly protein drinks. Occasionally I switch it out with the food processor tool and chop up chicken meat for chicken salad. I'm a real go-getter with the blender, I am.

2) As the song opens, Jimmy is sitting on his front porch swing. Describe the front porch of the building you're in right now.

A. Our house has a recessed front porch, with a cement floor. It is not very large and we don't use it.

3) Jimmy sings of being able to smell boiling shrimp. Do you prefer your shrimp boiled, glazed or breaded?

A. I used to love shrimp anyway it was prepared, but I have had to stop eating it. It gives me a terribly swollen sore throat. It's not exactly an allergy but it makes me very ill. This is something that just started about three years ago. Actually it started right after they began allowing shrimp back onto the market after the BP spill. My theory is I'm not actually reacting to the shrimp, I'm reacting the toxins in the shrimp from the oil spill. But what do I know.

4) During the song, he mentions his flip flops. Have you put your flip flops and sandals away till spring? Or is it still warm enough to wear them?

A. I never wear either. I wear sneakers all year long.

5) Jimmy Buffett had hoped this song would be recorded by Elvis Presley, but The King died before he could perform it. What's the first Elvis song that comes to mind?

A. I Can't Help Falling in Love With You.

6) Buffett fans are known as Parrotheads. Concert attire for a well-dressed Parrothead often includes a Hawaiian shirt and a foam fin hat. What will you be wearing tonight?

A. A tie-dyed T-shirt, blue jeans, and sneakers.

7) Loyal Parrotheads paid between $500 and $5000 to see Mr. Buffet at a fundraiser for Barack Obama's 2012 Presidential campaign. What's the most you would pay for a concert ticket?

A. I think we paid about $100 to see Elton John perform some years back. I can't remember what my husband paid to see the Rolling Stones. I guess if you want to see a concert bad enough, you will pay any price. However, there isn't anyone I want to see bad enough to pay more than $100 for a ticket.

8) Jimmy is an outspoken environmentalist and supports causes like ocean conservation, saving the manatees and expanding the Dallas Zoo. What steps do you take to help save the planet?

A. I recycle paper and plastics. My husband and I last year (along with a grant from the government) spent about $70,000 to fence the cattle out of the streams and the pond and drill a well. This created a buffer zone so that the water downstream, which flows in the City of Roanoke's water basin, would not have our cow poop in it. I've also written a number of articles about preservation and conservation over the years.

9) Uh-oh. When Jimmy and the Coral Reefers played in Wisconsin this past August, more than two dozen concertgoers got tickets for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Do you believe pot should be legalized?

A. I believe most drugs should be legalized, and we should set up clinics to help the addicts, not put them in prison. If we worked as hard at creating a better society as we do at making millionaires and having wars, we'd have a completely different world where maybe folks wouldn't need to run away from their troubles so much.


  1. I am so sorry to hear that you can't have shrimp anymore! And, no offense, but I dearly hope your theory is wrong. I hate to think I'm ingesting a higher rate of toxins. (Shudder!)

  2. I love shrimp and hope I never have to limit my consumption of shrimp (or crabs). Our bodies do change, over the years, including chemical changes within our systems. I agree with you on legalizing and controlling drugs that are now illegal. However, the marijuana issue (in Florida, anyway) has so many loopholes in it that it is just giving anyone the right to grow, process and sell - to anyone. Not a good thing for any of us. Time will tell.

  3. I put the cap at $200 for concerts, because I want good seats.

  4. Can you eat other shellfish? It might have been the toxins but it certainly sounds like what happened to me. One more time could be very bad. I would carry an epipen anyway. You never can tell if something will be contaminated with juice by accident.

    I completely agree about the drugs, and our society's current state of priorities. Bad juju.

  5. I can't even figure out how to put my fancy food processor together so I just use a blender instead :)

  6. 1 - Mmm...margaritas. I could go for one of those right now.
    2 - Boring covered slab-o-concrete for my building's front porch. The back isn't much better.
    3 - I don't like shrimp
    4 - No flip-flops. I can't stand having something between my toes. Not to mention how bad they are for your feet.
    5 - Heartbreak Hotel
    6 - I'm wearing a nice tee, crop pants and espadrilles.
    7 - I think the most I've paid is $50 for Billy and Elton together.
    8 - I recycle
    9 - No, I don't. Having the illegal stuff filter into my apartment is already bad enough. Drug users never think or care about how their nasty habit will affect others. They almost sent me to the ER last summer with an asthma attack brought on by their drugs.


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