Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Happy 55th

Yesterday was my most excellent spouse's 55th birthday.
He had to work. We went to dinner Sunday night to celebrate, but birthday celebrations should last many days. I like to take the whole month, myself.
Anyway, I wanted to see him at the firehouse on his birthday, so after my physical therapy, I dropped in on him.
Actually, a COW and I dropped in on him.
This is my friend Teresa, who has very kindly been taking me to physical therapy on the days when I've not felt well enough to drive.
She also likes to, um, dress up as a cow. She does this at the elementary school for reading programs. Yesterday she did it for my husband. It was her idea.
The firefighters were highly amused.
My most excellent spouse turned a little red around the ears, but I don't think I embarrassed him *too* much.
My most excellent spouse and his new friend, the cow.
I had ordered him a special John Deere cake, complete with tractor.
Now how many 55 year old guys get that kind of treatment on their birthday, eh?


  1. Cute cow and Happy Birthday to your husband!

  2. What an udderly nice way to celebrate your hubby's birthday!

  3. What a moo-velous birthday surprise and cool cake.

  4. So fun and unexpected! Love the cake. Happy birthday to your hubby!


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