Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Bird on a Roof

I came home from physical therapy Monday to find this bird on the roof of my house. I had no idea what it was. The consensus on Facebook is that it is a pigeon. We don't have pigeons like this around here normally; we have small brown birds that we call pigeons, but this was rather big and had lots of interesting markings.

It also seemed rather tame. After a while it flew away, but then I later found it (or another like it) in my driveway down near my mailbox. It would not move so I attempted to shoe it off, and it went under the car. Finally it went to the side and watched me drive by.

City bird lost in the country? Carrier pigeon with a private message for me? I have no idea.


  1. It's definitely a pigeon. (Who has lost his way?) There was a guy off Brugh's Mill Rd. that raised carrier pigeons, but I don't know what color they were or if he still does that.

  2. Well, it provided you with an interesting encounter at any rate. Little surprises along life's journey is what makes life fun. It must be lost. Poor thing.

  3. Love the way his head is cocked in that seconmd photo.

  4. I grew up in California and we saw a bunch of pigeons and I think you are right. He is a pretty one, though.


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