Thursday, May 22, 2014

Three on Thursday

Three on Thursday

1. What is your favorite summer time activity?

A. I like to garden. I have both a flower garden and a vegetable garden, so working in the soil is fun and productive.

2. What is your favorite "healthy" food to eat?

A. I am pretty sure potato chips don't count, right? How about something like strawberries? I love strawberries. And cucumber.

3. Do you ever think we will have a woman president? (If you would like to state who you think would be a good woman president, you may, just be respectful to others and it is their choice/opinion).

A. I would like to see a woman president, yes. The men have been messing things up long enough. I do not think the first female US president will be Hillary Clinton, however. I like Elizabeth Warren but I don't believe she has expressed a desire to run for the office. I think Oprah Winfrey would make a great goodwill ambassador, though perhaps not a president. I don't know what woman would make a great president, but I hope there is one out there.


  1. I also agree about having a female president. I don't know who it is going to be, but it is time we had one.

  2. Past time we had a female president -- other countries are far ahead of us on this one. :-\

  3. thanks for linking up! loved all your answers! hey, if you grow your potatoes, it counts as a veggie you can eat! i like strawberries and cucumbers too. i agree, i hope we have a woman president in the near future. we are due for one and maybe some decisions will have some thought to it before being made.


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