Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Murder Mystery at Greenfield

This weekend, Greenfield hosted a murder mystery theater. It originally was scheduled for Valentine's weekend, but we had two feet of snow so it was postponed.

The play was called 'Til Death Do Us Part and was performed by Haebo Productions. This is a group out of the New River Valley. Cast members for this performance were Brandon Duncan, Ian Gammarino, Hannah Tucker, AJ Douglas, Desiree Swindell, Matthew Ridley, Susy Schuman, Elias Sarver-Wolfe, Andy Bowyer, Kaleigh Bowyer, Jeff McCoy,Tucker Miller, Zach Helms, and Jessi Belzer.

The crowd on one side of the theater. I mean, wedding guests. We were all included as part of the production.

The stage.

Cassandra Dove, director of Greenfield Education & Training Center, gave the welcoming opening.

The groom, Kyle, and his recently-met bride, Jenna.


The bride's father proposes a toast. 

The groom's mother (far left) was not happy with the nuptials.

Kyle's old friend Mary was not happy with the proceedings, either.

Kyle's not-so-bright sister on the far left.

One of the coolest things: The minister was pulled from the audience, and was Anita Chocklett, a worker at the Greenfield Education Center, and a friend. She did a most excellent job as the impromptu minister! Maybe theater is in her blood.

Oops. Detective Frank Missle comes in to investigate an off-screen murder. Everybody on the floor!

The groom suddenly isn't feeling so well. Oh my. He dies.

Now it's up to the audience to help out Frank Missle and guess the murderer.

I won't reveal who it was. We had a great time. There was a wine tasting by Blue Ridge Vineyards at the event, and there was also food and cupcakes.

Well done, Greenfield! More! More!


  1. The costume on the 'not so bright' sister..... what a hoot!

  2. Fantastic husband would love to be part of this drama! I think he think's there's a Poirot in him somewhere! He watches loads of murder mysteries. Maybe I should check my life insurance policies!!

  3. Oh, it's Carolyn and Ian, not Travis that I know. Ian is pictured in the last photo, far right. He's a great young actor from the Young Actors Coop days here in Floyd.

  4. Anita, thank you so much for attending and for the nice words. We hope to do another Halloween Mystery Theater this year. We'll keep you posted!

  5. This was SO much fun! Thanks for hosting us, and we hope to have more there, soon! And Ian Gammarino did a great job portraying my former best-man, Travis Harris. Thanks for the photos and blog!!


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