Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Mountain Lake

Looking back toward the main lodge from the parking lot. 
Looking out over cabins and outbuildings. 
A look back at the main lodge. 
Looking toward what should have been the lake. 
Volley ball nets.
Probably the most picturesque cabin visible. 
Better view of the main lodge. 
Gigantic chess set. 
What's left of the lake. The lake is 45' below normal due to some natural phenomena that makes the lake go dry on occasion. 
The main lodge again. It's quite large. 
A gazebo that I suspect at one time sat out over the lake. 
Another shot of the lake. It really isn't much bigger than our pond, now. 
Close up of the main lodge.
Welcome sign. 
Another cabin. 
Notice board at the gift shop. 
View from an overlook not far from the main facilities.
We did not go into the main lodge as I could not find a way in that did not involve stairs. One of the main things we discovered was that the place was not very handicapped accessible, at least, not if they didn't know you were coming. Due to whatever is wrong with me, I cannot climb stairs and there were stairs and inclines everywhere. So we did not get to see as much as we might have liked. Even so, we enjoyed the day trip.


  1. What a gorgeous location. I'd be longing for a day long hike in those woods and hills. I wonder what has happened to that lake. Is it limestone country?

  2. beautiful photos anita...i really hate that you are are too young to be this immobile :(

  3. Neat place! I should go someday, but would love the lake water to be higher when I do go.

  4. Looks like a nice daytrip destination, and how weird about the lake.


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