Thursday, May 29, 2014

3 on Thursday

The 3 on Thursday meme:

1. What is your favorite TV show?

A. I don't have a favorite anymore. Big Bang Theory is probably the closest I have to a favorite, but to me a favorite TV show is one I absolutely can't wait to watch, with wonderful story lines and characters, and few fit that description these days. I am watching Game of Thrones but it is a bit gory for my taste sometimes, so while I don't miss it I wouldn't call it a favorite.

2. Do you like the beach or the pool?

A. Neither. I am not much into public water displays. When I was younger, I enjoyed the beach, and my parents had a backyard built-in pool when I was a teenager. But I am older now.

3. Are you a morning or night time shower person?

A. Actually, both. I take a good shower in the morning but do a quick rinse in the evening. I have terrible allergies and asthma and have discovered that rinsing away the pollen every day before bedtime is a good way to stay in better health.


  1. I have to say that I also enjoy, The Big Bang Theory.

  2. Wow! I'd loved to have had a pool in my back yard as a teenager. Mind you, I'd have needed a neoprene top to toes swim attire!

  3. Same here with number three. If I walk in the evening, or am out all day on weekends, I always shower away the pollen, sunscreen and bug spray before bed.

  4. Nice answers! I never thought of it that way for someone with asthma. i have it too!


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