Saturday, April 26, 2014

Yes, We Are Strange

 Saturday 9: Stuck on You (2012)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) This upbeat song is from a CD called The Bright Side. What is brightening your world this fine Saturday?

A. I have a new car!

2) Our featured artist Meiko sings, "You are the one I can see having fun with ...". When is the last time you laughed hard? Who were you with?

A. My husband and I laugh all the time. The last really good laugh we had together was immediately after a funeral. Yes, we are strange.

3) She also sings, "I must confess when I wear this dress I feel like dancing ...". Does your mood have an impact on what you wear? 

A. I often dress up or put on something colorful in hopes it will help my mood.

4) In this video, she accidentally drops one of her meatballs on the floor. Do you believe in "the five second rule," which states that if food has been on the floor less than five seconds it's still OK to eat? Or, after it hits the floor, is the next stop always the garbage?

A. It depends on what it is. If it is something sticky, it goes in the trash. Not sticky, still OK to eat. Chocolate? Never in the trash.

5) Despite her exotic-sounding name, Meiko was born in Atlanta, home of the Braves. Do you plan on going to the ballpark this season?

A. I have never been to either a minor league or a professional league ball park.

6) Meiko recently posted a photo of herself in DisneyLand posing with Goofy. Who took the most recent photo of you? What were you doing?

A. Hmm. I don't get my picture taken very often. Seems like the last time was for the picture I use now, and that was taken in 2011 during an Open Studios Tour of the local artists' homes.

7)  Are you stubborn? 

A. Yes, though it depends on the issue. Some things simply aren't worth being stubborn about.

8) Let's visit your bathroom: What color is your toothbrush?

A. Blue, I think.

9) Which would we find: bar soap or liquid soap?

A. Bar soap by the sink, liquid soap in the shower.


  1. Yay on the new car!!!! I have a strange sense of humor alos :) I hope you can stop by :


  2. Woohoo! A new car! I love that feeling of having a new car! :)

    And I had to laugh about the chocolate. Even my sisters are like that--can't waste the chocolate! :)

  3. I'd say you not knowing your toothbrush color. But it is not nearly as odd as the freakin' question...

  4. What did you get for a new car?

    And our soaps are the opposite--I'm bar in the shower, liquid by the sink.

  5. Yay! A new car. That would brighten up my day too :)

  6. Congrats on the new car! And I agree - the only part of a chocolate bar to find itself in the bin is the wrapper!


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