Monday, March 17, 2014


I looked out the front door Friday night just at dusk and saw we had a new baby calf.

The pictures didn't turn out well because it was so dark and I was shooting from a good distance away with a zoom. None of my cameras work well in that kind of light.
I didn't get closer because I did not want to disturb the momma cow while she was cleaning up the little one and working to get it on its feet. It took a few tries but it finally managed to stand up and find her milk.
She hid the calf until today; I saw it with the herd not long ago. Very small baby.


  1. Aww ~ but I am so glad you posted them , very sweet !

  2. I hope it does well and that spring gets here quickly with warmer temperatures!

  3. These are some precious pics.

  4. He'll be romping about in no time. Too bad it had that nasty weather on Sunday as a welcome to the world!

  5. awwww. I just love baby anythings!!

  6. Oh this is exciting, I love to see the signs of Spring and what sweeter way than a little newborn calf!
    Hope Momma and baby are doing well.

  7. Aww...I hope the calf is doing well.


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