Tuesday, January 14, 2014

What Do You Use?

I am curious about how people find other's blogs and keep up with them. I apparently am not doing it in a way that makes sense - I have blogs listed in my bookmarks and get to them that way. It's become cumbersome and the only way to check for updates is to visit each blog individually. I need a less limited system.

I have attempted to use AOL's new Reader but have had limited success with it (mostly I forget about it).

So, I was wondering what other PC users do to keep up with all the things they want to read? Google Reader is gone, isn't it, replaced with Google +, which I despise? If you used that, what did you replace it with if you don't like G+? Is there something anyone uses that sits right on the desktop, perhaps?

Also, I wonder what services bloggers are using to promote their blogs - something like networked blogs, blog lovin', or some other thing of which I am unaware.

Any recommendations?


  1. The list of blogs I follow is called "Reading List" on my Blogger Dashboard. It's right below the list of my personal blogs. There's an "Add" button I can click to add another blog's URL.

  2. I use the same reading list as Becky. Just click onto your design board, then go to the dashboard where they list your blogs. Scan down and every blog you are following will be listed. You are following blogs, aren't you? That's the way to connect.

  3. I use the same as the other commenters through Blogger. I also signed up with Bloglovin but I still tend to use Blogger since it's convenient.

  4. Anita, i do not use any online methods to promote our blog other than just reading blogs and making a comment. It is difficult to read blogs on a daily basis as there are SO many interesting and diverse bloggers. I do not use bloglovin or even participate in any on line memes for similar reasons. In reality, I enjoy posting on our own blog to seeing how many others I can read each day. This doesn't mean I would not like to comment on everyone's, but more a time issue.

  5. I really miss Google Reader and, like you, despite G+. Due to an old operating system that is no longer supported by first-rate reader programs, I was forced to move to Blogluvin' -- which, to be honest, I'm NOT lovin'. I hate the frames sytem, the fact that it deletes new posts after so many weeks, and so many other things about it. I've found it difficult to keep up with all the blogs I previously had NO problem following with GR. Their system is slow and it refuses to update me on one friend's blog, even though she is also with BL--as a consequence, I forget to check her blog for days. I would LOVE to find another program that worked as well as GR.


I enjoy your comments and always appreciate the opportunity to visit the blogs of my readers. I hope you have a great day!