Wednesday, January 22, 2014

It Snowed! Booyah!

My view this morning about 7:45 a.m. as the sun rises. 

I love my mountains.

The snow blew out of the trees mostly; it was very windy last night.

According to the old legends, if the snow blows out of the trees, more is on the way. 

Sunrise this morning.

The snow began yesterday and at first did not seem like it would amount to much. 

It was enough to cause me to cancel an appointment, but mostly because I'm a wimp when driving in bad weather. 

It came down very prettily. 

O Snow! O frozen ice! Why do you taunt me so?

This picture looks a little fuzzy to me.  

I didn't notice the squirrel until I downloaded the shot. Did you see him? 

Maybe this shot is a little clearer? 

My husband at 7:14 a.m., dressed for 10 degree temperatures. He uses the leaf blower to blow away the snow. 

Another pretty shot. 

And another. Thank you Mother Nature for such beauty.


  1. it was a nice ...but i was hoping for more snow. i guess it is something that those weather folks do to make us go to shop & by snow supplies. curious - why does your hubby blow the snow? is it for your animals to get around or? i hope he is bundled up enough. my hubby left this AM & i always worry he will not keep himself wrapped up enough. (i always run off a check list for him - you got gloves, hat, extra this or that in case he gets wet & needs new clothes. etc.) you know men. he works often outdoors & it is so very cold. the wind is whipping around ... glad i can be inside. enjoy your day. ( :

  2. Nice shots! We had just enough snow (which is now mostly ice) to make it hazardous...I don't like driving in the snow either.

  3. A leaf blower. What a good idea! I never heard the more snow to come legend. I'll keep an eye out. I want more snow. And then when I am scheduled to fly out to see my mother it MUST stop.

  4. It was really a pretty morning in our area. Xox a

  5. Beautiful photo shoot. I noticed the squirrel right off, but there have been a few of my own pics where I noticed something cool after uploading them to my computer.

  6. This snow actually gave us more than in your area, Anita, as we had over 4 inches. Enjiyed seeing yiur snow scenes and our neighbor also used a leaf blower to clear his walkway. My husband used his John Deere tractor.


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