Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Wheatland Road

Wheatland Road in Botetourt County is a road that cuts over from Springwood Road to US 11. The turnoff is a few miles outside of Fincastle. It offers a beautiful drive with scenic vistas.

This is one of the most picturesque homes on the route. At one time I think there were plans to turn this into a bed and breakfast but I am not sure that ever happened. I do not know the history of this property; I wish I did. It is a beautiful home, with lots of interesting gingerbread trim.

Even though I took these photos through the car windows, you can see how lovely the views are.

There are mountains and scenic views all along this road.

Isn't this great? The fence, mountains, and rolling hills all combine to create a beautiful pastoral setting.

I travel this road when I go to Buchanan and the views are always breathtaking.

This road has been around a very long time. Wheatland Lutheran Church is one of the older congregations, established in 1864. You can see a picture of the church at this link. My guess is the road originally was a stage coach route between Buchanan and Fincastle.


  1. i drive springwood frequently and have driven past wheatland but have never taken it...that has to change! beautiful!

  2. Roads I have never been down. Perhaps I need to change my route?

  3. That was m drive to work for three years. Not bad.

  4. Great pics, Anita -- very scenic.


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