Friday, November 08, 2013

Sunrise, November 3 (Rare Eclipse)

I attempted to capture the eclipse on the morning of November 3, but I had no solar filters and the photos I took do not show the actual event. We also had cloud cover.

We went up to Uncle Bill's to take these pictures, as there is a better view of the sunrise from his house. (I was dressed in my nightie, mud boots, and an overcoat. It was chilly!)

They are pretty photos, even if they didn't catch the eclipse.



The sun still hasn't risen.

That's the Peaks of Otter. 

The sun is just coming over the rise; it's that bright orange behind the trees there just to the left of the middle.

There's the sun! 

Ol' Helios took his time rising. 

And of course he was lifting up straight into the clouds.

The eclipse apparently was nearly over when I took these shots around 7 a.m.

This one is my favorite.

There may be a bit of the eclipse in this one but it is hard to tell.


  1. Peaks of Otter is a pretty stellar shot with the bird at sunrise... Love that!

  2. I am glad you captured that beautiful sunrise.... now I won't have to. hehe. I do hate mornings.

  3. That Peaks of Otter shot is AMAZING! It looks like the layers have been cut from paper. And it even got the bird soaring in the sky. It's prize-worthy : )

  4. Beautiful shots! I love the one with the bird flying in it too.

  5. The Peaks of Otter shot is so cool it doesn't look real...I agree, you should enter it in some photo contest!


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