Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things I like about summer . . .

1. Fresh home-grown 'maters. Yum!

2. Fresh home-grown cucumbers. Double yum!

3. Watermelon. I know you can get most fruits and veggies year round these days, but they certainly taste better when they are in season and come from local markets.

4. Thunderstorms. One of my best memories of my grandfather involves sitting on a back stoop with him, his arm around me, as we watch the lightning streak across an August sky.

5. Green colors. I love that everything looks lush and healthy, especially this year when we kind of missed July altogether and so far have not had that brown, too-hot look that most summers have.

Is this a view, or what?

6. Colorful roses. I love my roses, and though they have not seemed to enjoy the cooler summer, they are still blooming for me.

7. Ice water. That used to be iced tea, but I stopped drinking that in favor of water some years ago. I don't drink ice water in the winter but I enjoy it in summer.

8. Short sleeves. Okay, yes, I wear them year-round but in summer I don't need a sweater, too!

9. Cloud formations. The clouds seem fuller and, I don't know, happier, in summer.

10. Butterflies! You certainly don't see those when the weather turns cold.

11. Fireflies. You don't see these unless it is warm out, either!

12. June bugs. I remember we used to chase them around as a child, and sometimes we were very cruel and would tie a string around their leg and then fly them around. I was six, I didn't know better. I wouldn't condone this today but back then it seemed fun.

13. Summer rains. I can walk outside in the rain during warm weather, something I would not do in freezing temperatures!

Thursday Thirteen is played by lots of people; there is a list here. I've been playing for a while and this is my 308th time to do a list of 13 on a Thursday.


  1. Ah! The June bug kites. Sorry to say I still torment them. Flew one around for about an hour the other week. But I did let him go eventually........after his leg fell off!!! :)

  2. You've covered a lot of my favorites, too.

  3. I love summer storms. I was wakened by a thunderstorm this morning that lasted a few hours. We really needed the rain! Love your scenic view shared above.

  4. I love that view and if I could I would pick this house up and set it so that my kitchen window and back porch faced it every day of the year. Awesome!
    We had an over night thunderstorm. Sounded pretty nice too!

  5. The top of your list made me hungry. As to the summer rain - I wish! We're in the middle of Forest Fire Season here.

  6. I'm going outside to savor the rest of summer right now!!

  7. The is no green like August.

  8. I love your list. Watermelon is the best during the summer months. I have a watermelon fetish and I was determined to go on a watermelon diet this summer. Thanks for sharing and visiting today.

  9. I believe I did the June Bug thing as well.....

  10. #4 - what a lovely, precious memory! I also used to chase bugs as a kid :) I love your list.



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