Friday, July 05, 2013

Weird Weather

I took no pictures of torrential tropical rains that have fallen this week.
As of Thursday afternoon, we have measured nearly 7 inches of rain in our rain gauge here at the house.
But around noon on the Fourth of July, the clouds lifted and the sun broke through.

The sight was magnificent, with the sky all blue and the greens vivid  - and very clean.

Even the deer hurried from their hideaways to partake in the sunbeams.

Meanwhile I realized that I had been trapped in my home for a while during the downpour. For some minutes the water ran across the driveway, creating a path through which only a fool would drive.

Though I was still in my nightgown and robe (my tummy still sore from my surgical procedure a week ago), I trudged outside to feel the air on my skin. Lord knows we need a little drying out after that great deluge.


  1. Oh how perfect that last photo is! We really DO need some drying out. Life is one big mud puddle lately!

  2. That's a lot of rain over 24 hours. And I thought we'd seen a lot leading up to the Fourth (which, thankfully, was dry here)!


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