Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Treefrog

Yesterday afternoon, after my husband had been in and I'd fed him lunch and sent him back out to play in the dirt, I headed down the hall to my office.

My carpet is a whitish brown-speckled sort of color, and in the middle of the hall, dark from storm clouds blocking the sun and my desire not to turn on the lights, sat what I thought was a leaf.

"Good grief, how did he track that in?" I thought, blaming my husband, of course.

I bent down to scoop up the offending debris. I touched it.

It jumped.

I screamed.

I stared at it. Then I started dancing around. "I touched a frog, ohmygod I touched a frog." I left the thing sitting there and I raced for the kitchen sink and the Dawn dish washing soap. I scrubbed my hands. "I touched a frog. I can't believe it. Ohmygod there's a frog in my house!"

I went back to look. Sure enough, there it sat. A tiny little tree frog. It was about as big as a quarter.

What to do? I had to get it outside. First I picked up a broom and the dustpan. I cajoled the amphibian onto the dustpan, but it kept jumping off.

"I need a jar," I muttered.

I couldn't find a jar. Where is an old mayo jar when you need it? Finally, I found a paper cup. I used the broom again and urged the creature into the container.

Then I placed the broom over top of the cup so the frog couldn't jump out.

I let it go outside.

The frog did not look very happy.

I went and found my camera and took a picture. I suppose I should have taken a photo of it in my house, but I was too disturbed.

Cute froggie when it's out where it belongs. It doesn't belong in my house!


  1. Really? An itty bitty frog. It's not like a snake or a giant spider! Well, at least you didn't call your hubby back in to take care of it for you. In Hawaii we had frogs the size of two fists and they exuded a poison from their skin. Now THAT'S a frog!

  2. Me no like frogs either, no matter their size... they are gooshy feeling and I do not touch gooshy things.I would have freaked!!!

  3. That was a cute frog! I found one in the house a few years ago that I think hitched a ride in on a houseplant. I since have learned it is much easier to relocate a frog than a snake. And a frog is much welcome in my house than any kind of rodent, living or dead.

  4. It would have been easier to use your hands!
    I bailed three frogs out of our basement window well yesterday. The storm washed them in. Because it involved water, I could scoop them up with the horse's grain scooper, water and all.

  5. i catch frogs with the boys when find them but that would freak me out to think it was a leaf or something then have it move lol

  6. I would probably freak if I picked up a frog thinking it was a leaf too.

  7. I don't like things that jump. I would much rather deal with a spider than a cricket or grasshopper.

  8. Funny story, though I agree with you -- they're much cuter outside where they belong. ☺


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