Saturday, February 09, 2013

Snow, Then 55 Degrees

It was snowing when we went to bed Thursday night, though the forecast was for rain and sleet.

We woke to find nearly 4 inches of snow on the ground.

In the early morning, a little freezing rain fell. I couldn't see the mountains.

The rain stopped, and the sound of songbirds drew me out on the front porch. I found finches in the top of the blue spruce.

The snow was lovely.

It is hard to take a bad picture when the world is covered with a delicate white.

This is my neighbor's shed.

The fence out the back door.

Everything is beautiful, in its own way.

By 2 p.m., the temperature had climbed. The thermometer at the kitchen window read 55 degrees.

I noticed a deer had been in the backyard, searching for a little snack.

The scene out the front as the snow melted and the winds began to blow.


  1. Awesome photos, Anita. I especially love the one of the birds in the tree top, and the one with the fence below the shed. Hope you have a good weekend!

  2. those winds are still a bit blustery here this morning. You have gorgeous tranquil views all around your hilltop home, Anita.... Just gorgeous. xox

  3. pretty snowy shots. i really enjoy the fence shot. so great!!! ( :


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