Saturday, November 24, 2012

Safe From the Hunt

Last Saturday was the first day of rifle season for deer hunting. I looked up from my work at the computer and saw that one little deer had determined the best place for safety:

It stayed right outside the window for hours. As you can see, they come very close to the house.

Sometimes I joke that we're the ones living in the zoo and they come to watch us in our cage.


  1. During the summer months they come that close in our front yard but we haven't seen any recently, and of course they don't come into the backyard a lot since they have to jump the fence to do so and the pups then chase them. Wish I had a window where I could view the yard from my desk. At some point it would be nice to move my office to the first floor so I could have a better view of the world out there.

  2. I love it when I see them here. We try not to let RJ see them. Then they bound away and I am afraid a neighbor will kill "our" deer!

  3. Nice post! Glad the deer was smart.


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