Sunday, November 25, 2012

Local Cider

This is the best apple cider not just in the valley but in the state. Nay, maybe in the world!

Murray's has been making apple cider since the 1930s. The company is located in the Bonsack area of Botetourt. They also make apple juice, but I am a cider fan.

In fact, I am the only cider drinker in the house. None of my in-laws drink it, either. I think my brother might drink it occasionally, but I seem to be the biggest fan.

This cider is 100 percent apple, and so is the juice. That is why it tastes so good. It is also made from locally grown apples; according to their website, 95 percent of the apples come from growers in Virginia, while the rest come from neighboring West Virginia.

Virginia apples have a taste all of their own, different from what you get from Washington state (where many of the apples in the grocery store are grown).

If you want something a little different for the holidays, try this cider. You can spice it up and drink it hot or cold.


  1. Well as you well know, they are a skip and a hop from my front door, but I don't buy it because like you, I would be the only one in the house who enjoys it. Have a great day... heat some of that cider and sip it all day.. it's soooo cold outside!

  2. i have not gotten any cider this year as of yet. i need to do that. we usually try to get to an area apple orchard & enjoy some of theirs. have yet to get there ... the views are amazing!! enjoy yours. sure is cold. stay warm. looks like snow here. i wonder what might happen? they say there is a possibility this week... ( :

  3. where do you buy it? do they sell out of their farm there?

  4. I love hot mulled cider on a cold day.


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