Wednesday, November 28, 2012

If I Had a Million Dollars

So lottery fever is upon everyone as the PowerBall is at 1/2 billion dollars.

That is a lot of money.

I like to dream sometimes about the things I would do if I had that kind of money. I always want to give a lot of it away; I want to take care of family; I want to set up trust funds and things like that. Establish a scholarship at my alma mater. Help out the places that really do good things. Drop hundred dollar bills into the Salvation Army pots. Stuff like that.

Living the Life of Riley - the American dream. I wonder when it became wrong to just want enough. Because actually that's pretty much all I have ever strived for - enough.

Enough to pay the bills, keep me busy, keep me fed, keep me happy.  How much does one girl need, after all? If you have a roof over your head and someone to love you, does the rest of it matter?

Well, I suppose it does, especially if you help people. I can't imagine why you'd want to take all of that money and stick it in the bank. Sure, you'd want to set aside enough to live on if you decide to quit your job, but I live on a great deal less than $500 million at the moment. Theoretically speaking, I could set aside about $1.9 million and feel like I could spend the rest of it however I wanted.

So I don't quite understand why such a lottery couldn't be split up into 500 separate lotteries. That would help 500 people live better lives. Now theoretically, if I did all of that helping I would want to do with the sum, I might help more than 500 people, but that's just me. If someone else were to win, or if I were to have a change of heart, and that $500 million ended up in the bank, what good would it do, eh? Maybe make a few investment planners a little richer, is all.

Ah me. I never like to play the games by the rules. I'd much rather set my own, I think. Divvy things up differently, and always hope for the best.

Good luck if you're a player.

Yeah, we bought tickets.


  1. Our son calls lottery tickets a tax on the stupid. I call it a couple of dollars for a bit of fantasy. Look how much fun you had thinking of what you could do with that money. A bit for you, a bit for family and changing the lives of a lot of strangers. All that fun for just a few dollars. It's worth it for me.

    Still, I'd like to win!!!

  2. You can't win if you don't play... I am living proof.

  3. have you heard the adds of winning though? they sound very low. poohey low. yucky low. who wants to play to lose ... we want to WIN!! ha. ha!! ( :

  4. Yup, we also bought PowerBall tickets, Anita. We already have all we need and then some which is why we are not holiday shopping, except for the grandkids (modestly). I also wonder WHY the prize can't be split into smaller packages cause as you said HOW much $ does a person need? Of course, some folks live or want to live more extravagantly so would never have quite enough $.

  5. It's hard to believe only two tickets were jackpot winners last night, with another thirty-some becoming millionaires. Yeah, it's fun to fantasize about what one would do with that kind of money. I would definitely have to do some traveling.


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