Tuesday, October 23, 2012

An Autumn Sigh

Sunday we took a ride on Route 39. This Virginia Scenic Byway goes through Goshen Pass, over Warm Springs Mountain, into Warm Springs, and on into West Virginia. At Warm Springs, we took US 220 back home instead of continuing west.

We were about a week late for the peak in that area, which did not surprise me. Generally speaking, we are always a week late when we go to look at the leaves!

This is a mountain on the way to Goshen Pass.

The Maury River at one of the overlooks at Goshen Pass.

The Maury River again. I love this shot. The colors came out great.

The river once more. Can't get enough of the river and colors.

The Maury cannot be a navigable river, it is so rocky. Maybe in a canoe.

Water is amazing, isn't it? The way it carves through stone.

We saw a crane sitting majestically among the rocks while we were driving along (I couldn't get a photo of it). Many people were fishing.

After you leave Goshen Pass, you go through Goshen and a few other little places, then you climb up Warm Springs Mountain. There is an overlook with nice parking at the top. This is the view!

It was worth the drive just to see this. The rolling mountains, the spots of color.

The majesty of the world spread out before me, showing me the meaning of life.

I could have looked at it all day.

This is beauty.

Even the road brings a quiet loveliness to the landscape.

After we passed through Warm Springs (we didn't stop) you must go up and down Warm Springs Mountain on the other side. This overlook is on US 220.

What a view!

I love the way the mountains fold.

How can you not love this view?


  1. Some beautiful photos, even if you were a week past peak!

  2. I love those views! Thanks for photographing them.

  3. gorgeous views. i love Goshen Pass ... it will always hold a big old part in my heart ... the hubby & i went there many times before we got married. such a beautiful area in VA. love your shots. (:

  4. What a beautiful day for a drive. Even past their peak, the photos are full of color and beauty.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous shots, Anita---thank you for sharing them. I am really looking forward to exploring both the Virginia and West Virginia mountains after we move up that way---so much to see!

    The Maury River really IS rocky---it almost looks as though you could walk up it, hopping from rock to rock! :-)


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