Monday, September 10, 2012

Books: Smokin' Seventeen & Explosive Eighteen

Smokin' Seventeen
By Janet Evanovich
Copyright 2010

Explosive Eighteen
by Janet Evanovich
Copyright 2011

Both read by Lorelei King
Each approximately 6 hours

These are the most recent Stephanie Plum "mystery" books by Janet Evanovich.

I must say, calling this series a "mystery" does not seem appropriate for these books (and possibly the last several books).

Instead I would call these romances with a bit of mystery in them.

In Smokin' Seventeen, Stephanie must find out who is dumping dead bodies in the lot of Vincent Plum Bail Bonds, where she works. Stephanie is somehow linked to the killer.

She is still trying to decide if she wants to constantly screw Ranger or shack up with Morelli, a trend that continues in Explosive Eighteen as well.

Her mother, meanwhile, has fixed her up with a guy named Dave because Mom has decided Morelli is never going to propose marriage.

Lulu offers up laughs, and the book is a quick read (or listen, in my case). It does not disappoint but I do think Evanovich has jumped the genre.

In any event, Explosive Eighteen continues where the previous book left off. Stephanie has been on a holiday to Hawaii, but something happened that involved her two lovers. She has a mysterious no-tan band on her ring finger.

Meanwhile, she finds a mysterious photo in her messenger bag, and suddenly she's a target for a bunch of tragic hit-men wannabes and other assorted villains. The FBI is involved, too.

Again, a fun read but the formula is growing a little tiresome.


  1. I agree with you. I loved, loved, LOVED the books in the beginning. They were so fun and just plain funny. I would find myself calling my sister to read a passage. But now they are tired and the characters haven't grown or developed in the YEARS I have been reading this series. It is fish or cut bait time for Stephanie. Pick one and move the storyline forward!

  2. Oh dear. Screw Roger constantly? Is that the kind of language she uses?

  3. I have a friend who read those books voraciously. I think she actually developed a crush on this Ranger character... She loved reading them so I tried one. That was it. Just one!


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