Monday, August 27, 2012

Tractors and Equipment

One of the things I know that I never expected to know is the location of every farm equipment dealer within 100-mile radius of our farm.

A rainy day can result in a car trip to "look" at various pieces of machinery.

These are brush cutters. You use them to mow the fields that you aren't harvesting.

Keeping the pastures mowed down keeps thistle and other weeds from taking over.

Of course, you need a tractor to pull the brush mower.

These old tractors were at the West Virginia County Fair, but they may as well have been at one of the tractor dealers. We would have seen them!

I like to look at the older tractors; they have a lot of personality about them.

Just for fun here's a list of the dealers we sometimes visit. I don't remember all their names.

Boone Tractor in Salem, Bedford, & Lewisburg, WV
Blue Ridge Farm Equipment  in Buchanan
The Kubato dealer in Stuarts Draft
Some other little dealer on the other side of Stuarts Draft
Augusta Equipment in Fishersville
The Ford Tractor dealer in Staunton
Rockbridge Cooperative in Lexington
Kanode's outside of Radford
the John Deere guy outside of Radford
the John Deere guy in Rocky Mount
Some other seller before you get to Rocky Mount (can't remember what he sells and I guess he's still there, haven't been that way in a while)
Several dealers in Greenboro, NC
A dealer in Harrisonburg

There were others, but some of the smaller dealers have closed, and I know I am not remembering them all. At any rate, you can spend a long day driving around looking at tractors.

Occasionally I get to make a run to one or the other of these dealers to pick up parts. That usually happens when something of significance has broken down. After much cursing, my husband will call around and locate the part and send me after it.

I almost always know where to go.


  1. We women are all gophers (go-fers) for our husbands it would seem.

  2. Next time you are at the Blue Ridge one you should come see us. Not if you are in a rush, of course.


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