Sunday, August 26, 2012

One Thousand Trains

Here is something you may not know about me: I like trains. In particular, I like miniature trains.

If I had a bigger house with extra rooms, I would have a train room. It would be full of miniature trains and miniature buildings and little tiny people. I would love to have a table full of "Z" scale train stuff (I think that is the smallest you can get) if I had a place to put it.

Saturday in Fincastle an auction of over 1,000 miniature trains took place. Most were Lionels, American Flyers, etc.

My husband and I stopped in.

There were, indeed, literally at least 1,000 engines and cars, and who knows how much track.

The cars were piled in boxes, lined on tables, and otherwise tumbled about.

A number had an Armed Forces motif.

Almost all of them looked well-used.

These cars hauled Baby Ruth bars!

Some of the signal lights for display.

Tiny little railroad crossing signs.

I guess most of the miniature items were stuffed in boxes and not out where I could readily see them. We were unable to hang around as long as I would have liked because four people were sucking on cancer sticks like there was no tomorrow. I had an asthma attack because of the second-hand smoke and had to leave.

But I enjoyed looking until I couldn't breath.

If, like me, you're fascinated by miniatures, you must check out the website for the miniature wonderland in Hamburg, Germany. It is billed as the largest model railway in the world, and has things like firefighting scenes, an airport, boats, scenes of countries (including the USA) and other attractions.The four-minute video is incredible, and there are longer videos on youtube if you want to take a look at the wonderland in more depth.

Choo choo!


  1. Oh, I like them too! My brother had a train set when we were kids, and the pizza place near our house has a train track that goes along the wall near the ceiling. So fun when they have it turned on and going round and round. Neat post!

  2. Hi Anita, thanks for the link to this truly amazing setup. Grenville is a member of a local group that is developing a play with trains program for kids and he thanks you as well. Too bad you had to leave the auction early because of inconsiderate smokers. This past weekend, we spent visiting real trains in Baltimore, MD.

  3. What's not to love about trains? Sounds like it was a cool auction--sorry you did not get to enjoy it more.

  4. Oooh, wish we knew about this. My son collects Lionels. When Grandpa would come to Roanoke, both of them would head out to the train shop. My son had a huge setup in the basement, but after Grandpa died he took it down and packed it away. In its place is a ping-pong table which is mostly used to store junk under!


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