Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Unpopular Poplars

We planted a row of poplars to the side of the house in 1988. The nursery we ordered them from said they had a 20 year life span.

In 1988 that seemed like a long time.

But by 2012, the trees were dead, lifeless sentinels standing guard over the property.

My husband has, for a couple of years now, said he would cut them down.

The wind storm of June 29 took care of a lot that for him.

Let the clean up begin!

My husband, man of many talents and very busy guy,
has a business installing septic tanks as well as being
a fire chief and running the farm.

The equipment came in handy during this derecho event.

He picked up the bigger pieces with his skid steer.

He dumped them over the fence, and later he shoved
them into an existing brush pile to the right.

He cut down what was left of the poplars.

It didn't take long but it was messy.

It was hot and tiring work.

Afterward, we had to pick up all of these sticks by hand.

We finished that chore last night.

All in all, we have removed many skid steer loads, 12 garden cart loads and 2 farm trailer loads of wood and debris from the yard since Saturday morning.

In 90-100 degree heat.

Hoping now for calmer weather!


  1. Glad you didn't suffer any worse damage! I'm sure you hubby has had to work in this heat - thank him for someone who lives in Station 3's territory!

  2. I hope you wore a wet bandana around your neck and had a good hat atop your head to keep the sun's rays off you you. That was a big job, even if Mother Nature did the first part for you of knocking the trees down.

  3. The heat must have been intense! You both are troopers for getting out there and tackling that job :)

  4. I'm tired just watching! :)
    Hope you rewarded yourselves with a cold lemonade, tea or something stronger at the end of the day!

  5. Great job Sis!!! Lot's of hard work in that mess. By the way, I see from the pictures what I can get James for Xmas.....a really great pair of Safety Glasses!!!!

    1. Noticed that, did you? I have given him many pairs but he refuses to wear them.

  6. I love rows of Poplar trees but had no idea they had such a short life. Nice of Mother Nature to start the job, too bad she brought so much heat with her. I suppose it's nice to have that finished and you had no more serious damage.

  7. That's a lot of hard work for such heat. Here's hoping for calmer weather, cooler temps and a bit of rain!


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