Friday, July 27, 2012

The Camera Museum

The Camera Heritage Museum is located in Staunton, VA. It bills itself as the largest camera museum on the East Coast.

The cameras included dageurreotypes, view cameras, spy cameras, Leicas, Nikons, Canons, Kodaks, and Polaroids.

A display of old daguerreotypoe photos

A daguerreotype camera.

One of eight cameras built in the early 1900s specifically for newspapers to use to take pictures of baseball games.

This is owner David Schwartz. He can tell you anything you want to know about the history of photography.

This camera was owned by O. Winston Link, who in Roanoke is a hallowed name. He was a famous photographer who took a lot of pictures of trains, among other things.

My husband looking at some of the many cameras.

Nikons and Canons and Kodak, Oh My!

More cameras.

Still more cameras.

If you have an interest in photography, this is definitely something to see.


  1. Gosh - amazing museum. I spotted some of the cameras I have owned in those display cases - and felt guilty because I haven't used my lovely F1 for ages. The digital is so much more convenient. What a challenge - arranging that mountain of exhibits so that they could tell their story better.

  2. That's a LOT of cameras! I love the designs and shapes of some of the older cameras. What a great collection!

  3. Our youngest would LOVE this place! She's crazy about anything 'camera'. We'll have to arrange a visit before school starts.

  4. Oh wow...that's an amazing collection of cameras! I love the work of O. Winston Link. Nobody captured the spirit of the old steam trains like him.


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