Monday, July 02, 2012

Books: The Last Promise

The Last Promise
By Richard Paul Evans
Read by Jonathan Davis
8 hrs 55 min
Copyright 2002

Richard Paul Evans gives us yet another love story in this nice tale set in Italy.

Eliana (Ellen), an American from Utah, has married a count and now lives at his vineyard with their young son. The boy is asthmatic, and his father is seldom around. He travels a great deal and has several mistresses to keep up, to boot.

Ross Story is an American from Minnesota, a somewhat melacholy fellow who becomes a tenant at the vineyard.

As you might be able to predict, Eliana and Ross fall in love.

The story then revolves around whether or not their love will be unrequited.

This is a straight character story with a basic love affair plot, and I enjoyed listening to it. Evans' tales require very little of the reader; he has a nice style and the stories flow well. They are somewhat predicable but when I'm killing time in the car and driving, I really don't want to have to concentrate hard on what I'm listening to. So these are perfect for those half-hour trips back and forth to the city.

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  1. I do love books on tape! Our old library system had gotten a big grant a while back and I was pretty spoiled at having a good selection, so I was glad that tiny Lexington has a nice selection too. They make the miles fly!


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