Friday, June 08, 2012

49 - A Very Good Year

The last several weeks have been filled with celebration, and today is no exception.

I am 49 years old today.

Almost 50. In another year, I will be an antique!

It has been an interesting life, and I look forward to many more interesting and entertaining years. Maybe even another 49. Won't I be old then?!?

Thank you, gentle reader, for sticking with this blog for however long you have been reading. I have enjoyed making friends with some of you, meeting you in person, or befriending you on Facebook. Finding common ground is always such a comfort. Connections are important and good.

You have been kind to me and I appreciate it. I hope that you stay with me as the journey continues, but if not, I understand. We are all like gentle streams, twisting, turning, sometimes meeting up, other times running parallel, sometimes moving so far away as to be in the next county. Life is like that.

Take care of yourself, dear reader. Be as kind to your body as you can - it does wear out. Be gentle with your soul, and always strive to learn something new each day. Mind expansion is a good thing. You know me - I love education.

Some days I don't think I will have anything else to say here, but I think I will hang around for at least another year. Might as well say "I'm 50" in this space when the time comes, eh?

So may this day also be special to you, just because you're the wonderful you you are.

Thanks for reading Blue Country Magic!


  1. You don't qualify as an antique until you are 100. Besides, I've got nearly 10 years on you and I'm certainly not an antique!

    Happy Birthday, Anita... enjoy another year of blogging and being here with the rest of us.

  2. Oh you're just a youngster!!! Hope you had a wonderful day and celebrated life!

  3. This is a bit late, Anita...but I do hope you had a happy birthday. And I hope the coming years hold many good things for you. June 8th happens to have been my Daddy's birthday, too.


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