Sunday, May 06, 2012

My Nephew Goes to the Prom

My brother's son, Trey, went to the prom for James River High School last night. I was asked to come over and shoot photos, which I gladly did. It was wonderful to see my nephew in his spiffy clothes, looking so grown up and young all at the same time. What a handsome young fellow he has turned out to be.

My niece, Zoe, learning photography tricks!

My father helping Trey with his jacket.

My brother with his children.

My brother, Trey, and my father.

Helping with the tie. That's my sister-in-law in the background.


  1. The color of the blossoms could not have been more perfect in matching her dress. Looks like they were headed out to have a great time for the evening. Prom was always soooo exciting to me.

  2. Oh my, these are beautiful. I especially like the ones with the rhododendron that match the dress (love that color?), but the whole series is great.

  3. Prom IS exciting, Di! I thought the blossoms and the dress were amazing!

  4. Thanks, Colleen. It was fun taking those photos.

  5. beautiful photos of the nice looking couple!

  6. I got a chuckle out of your niece in her long gown too!! Such great photos... Isn't it great that kids want them taken nowadays? We couldn't wait to leave and never would have posed for our parents and now we've got no memories of the dances etc.


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