Sunday, March 18, 2012

Signs of Spring


An unknown flowering tree in my neighbor's field.

Yellow pansies.

White pansies, volunteers that bloomed in my fence row.

The neighbor's cows and forsythia. Note the tinge of red bud at the top of the forsythia.


  1. i'm loving all the pretty colors spring has to offer! it's such a gorgeous morning out too! good morning anita :)

  2. wow, that is just gorgeous. love all the spring color. (:

  3. It's beginning to bloom out here in the midwest too and i couldn't love it more! All the colors and warmth make me want to explore as much as i can. Thanks for sharing all the color back home in VA!

  4. It's an amazing season we are having here in Ohio. Everything is starting to bloom here. Yesterday we had gorgeous 75 degree weather and today they are calling for the temps to be 80 degrees! It has been so nice to have the windows and doors open to air out the house.

  5. We're starting to see spring buds here, too -- and a lot earlier than usual. So far I've seen crocus and daffodils, and a couple of trees look like they're ready to bloom. Everything is a good month early this year, due to the unusually high temps for March. The norm for this time of year is around 44F -- we hit 81 today.

  6. could it be a serviceberry?


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