Monday, January 09, 2012

Lasso the Moon, George

The Full Wolf Moon shone brightly last night, bathing the farm in an ambient light that showed us the silhouettes of deer grazing in the fields. The dim glow made the trees look ghostly.

Full Wolf Moon, January 2012

The moon fascinates me and I like to try to photograph it. Last night it was late when I attempted to capture it with my new Nikon P500 point-and-shoot camera that I received for Christmas (thank you dear husband).

The shots are okay but I like it best when I can get the deep seas of the moon in the picture. They are in shadow here. The only time I've ever successfully caught the dark shapes of the moon are when there is also a little evening or morning light from the sun available to help me out. Otherwise I overexpose the picture.

I am eager to try this again when I have a little leftover sunlight to see what happens with this camera.


  1. Your photos just keep getting better and better!

  2. wasn't it gorgeous last night. amazing. your photo turn out wonderfully. i tried ...but mine looked really blurry. oh well... i enjoyed the moments. ha.!! (:

  3. Awesome shot! The moon is gorgeous...

  4. I got the Nikon 1 J, one of the new mirrorless lens cameras that are supposed to combine the ease of a point and shoot with the quality of an SLR. I took it back because for the money I wanted it all and didn't feel it was that great in low light or consistently. Now I'm trying out the Sony Alpha Nex 3, which I got online for a much better deal. Time and the moon will tell. (the photo I took last night of the moon was not with either of these cameras).


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