Saturday, December 10, 2011

Shopping Local

Today was my own personal "small business day," and I spent it shopping in little stores around my home.

We have a number of small shops owned by delightful women who offer many unique little gifts. Many of the items are primitive or country, with a generous helping of Boyds Bears, Vera Bradley, and similar line items.

So this morning I hopped in the car and sped off to take in a few of this little wonders.

Of course, I didn't take a camera. I wasn't thinking about blog posts, I was contemplating spending money! However, I have older photos of some of these stores on my computer from when I wrote for the newspaper, so I will use some of those.

My first stop was Blackberry Hollow on US 460 just a little south of the Walmart.

They offer primitives, including curtains and rugs. I came *this* close to purchasing a few scatter rugs not for giving away but for keeping, but refrained this time.

I did, however, purchase several gift items.

Next stop was Marcey's, located on Cloverdale Road (Alt. US 220). This is a lovely little store filled with all kind of unique gifts.

I made a purchase, there, too.

Next I headed to Tin Roof, also on Cloverdale Road. They have Vera Bradly and Boyd's Bear items galore, along with other collectibles.

From there I headed north on US 11 and into Troutville. My next stop was Cackleberry Ridge. This store has Jim Shore collectibles, along with Boyd's Bears and others.

They were having an open house and I sampled some cider that was positively wonderful. It was Murray's Cider, which is my favorite and the best, as far as I'm concerned (and also locally made). The mulling was terrific, too, with just the right spice.

Yes, I made a purchase there, too!

Cackleberry Ridge circa 2009.
From there, I went to Apple Barn II.

And of course I made yet another purchase.

By this time, I was tired and my foot was aching, so I had to head home. However, I will tackle other stores another day.

Other stops you could make include Read Mountain Mercantile, on Read Mountain Road, Southern Past Times, on US 11 just before you get to Troutville, WillowPod, in the Daleville Town Center area, Ikenberry Orchards, just past the Town Center on US 220, and White Oak Tea, which also has many gift items for sale.

Additionally, Buchanan offers a number of different items, and the county has artists like Ed Bordett, Dreama Kattenbraker, and Willie Simmons, just to name three, who would be glad to sell you something.

If you live within driving distance, I hope you'll check out some of these places and people for unique gift ideas. I'm sure your own area has many little lovely shops, too. Do frequent them, because it's a nice shopping experience and definitely different from the department stores.


  1. I like all of those shops. Guess what.... I left the house today without my camera too. DOH!

  2. You have some very lucky recipients on your gift list!
    I've been to many of these stores but never realized how numerous they are until you listed them all here.

  3. That sounds like such a nice day. And apple cider? Yummy. I must get some soon. Now rest your foot!


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