Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Nobody's Stopping You

This is a rant. Read at your own risk.


It's the holiday season, and every day on my Facebook wall, someone posts that they are going to say "Merry Christmas" no matter what.

Well, I don't know who's stopping you if you are a United States citizen. I am unaware of a single instance of someone in the United States being killed or maimed because they walked up to somebody and said Merry Christmas.

Now, they might be told, "I'm Jewish, and I don't celebrate, but Happy Hanukkah" or "I'm Muslim, and I don't celebrate," or "I'm atheist, and I don't celebrate," but they aren't going to jail for wishing someone a Merry Christmas. Not in this country. At least, not yet, and I don't really look for that to change.

You have a good chance of being jailed for holding a sign saying, "I'm in the 99 percent," though.

Nor is it wrong to say "Happy Holidays," which, by the way, is simply the modern way of saying "Happy Holy Days." If you take offense at that and you're Christian, then you're just ignorant.

As far as I'm concerned, if you're one of those Christian people in the United States who are feeling "persecuted" over your religion, you're making a big something out of absolutely nothing.

Because it is Christmas everywhere, and it has been since Halloween.

If you want to feel persecuted over your religion, then I urge you to visit another country, or change your religion, and then see how it feels to live here.

Because in other countries that are not predominantly Christian, people lose their lives over their religion.

Yeah, they die.

They don't get to post on Facebook that they're indignant because they heard some rumor that somebody doesn't like their religion. They don't get to post false rumors about the President of the United States and what he does or doesn't do about the holiday.

Because any of that would get them killed.

If you want to see something interesting, go to this website and take a look at it. This details real Christian persecution.

Guess what. Saying "Happy Holidays" is not on the first page. At the moment I write this, the front page talks about a church bombing in Nepal, a prayer meeting interrupted by Hindus in India, Christians being murdered and churches being burned in Nigeria, etc. etc.

There is no public battle over Christmas here. It's all a gimmick to make you indignant so you'll go out and buy another decoration or a bigger toy for Johnny. Nobody is telling you not to celebrate your holiday, to worship your god, or do whatever you want. By all means, go and do that in whatever way you think is best.

However, some people are telling you that Christianity doesn't belong in government sanctioned areas, and it doesn't. Think about how the Christians in other countries feel, the ones who are watching their loved ones die. Do you suppose they are worried about a Christmas tree on the front lawn?

I think not.

Besides, the Christmas tree belongs to the pagans anyway. Maybe the Christians should give them back their trees.

Christmas has become nothing more than crass commercialism, and all of the uproar is to keep people shopping.

I grew up in a fairly non-religious household. If you want even an inkling of persecution, try being in the fourth grade and left to yourself in the library while other children go to Bible study every Friday. Yes, that happened in the 1970s when I was growing up.

I attended those classes for the first six weeks. We were given booklets to study and fill out with church attendance.  My church attendance was blank, because my family did not attend church. You see, my mother was Baptist and my father was Catholic, and when they married in 1962, they were tossed out of their consecutive religious establishments for not following the rules.

Anyway, the Bible teacher, checking the booklets after six weeks, held mine up for everyone to see. "She doesn't go to church!" she cried out to the entire class. "What a sinner."

I cried for days.

After that, my parents told the teacher I was to leave the room during Bible study and go sit in the library. And that is what I did, year after year. I was joined by a couple of other outcast kids. The other kids made fun of us. Every week, once a week, for three years.

That's a type of persecution. It's not like losing your life, but it left scars.

And those scars didn't come from the state. They came from the Christians.

Happy Holidays.

P.S. Before you call me a sinner and all of that crap, (a) I celebrate Christmas, (b) I've been baptised,  (c) I'll put my morality up against anyone else's, and (d) I'm as entitled to my opinion as you are. You want to post about your imagined persecution, I have the right to complain about your imagination.

And if you leave a bad comment, I'll delete it.


  1. Very well said. I'm with you 100%

  2. Dare I post the link to this on Facebook?

  3. I just enjoy the lights, music and smiles on peoples' faces. I see it as a lovely time of the year for everyone to celebrate in their own way with family and friends. Make it what you want it to be as you create new memories.... then it feels right.

  4. I enjoy the holiday, too, which is why I get so frustrated with the things people say about it. Why can't they just enjoy it, too?

  5. The whole "war on Christmas" meme was launched in the 1950's or '60's (I'm not exactly sure when) by the dreadful John Birch Society.

    The fact that the rhetoric from such extremist groups (another example being the 'Taxation is thievery' meme) says a lot about us - none of it good.

  6. You echo my sentiments. But you were so lucky to get extra library time!

  7. Excellent rant! The other ignorant thing that gets me this time of year is people taking exception to "Christmas" being abbreviated "Xmas" because they (ignorantly) believe it "takes Christ out of Christmas." A little bit of knowledge goes a long way.

  8. Good Blog Sis. I remember all of this. I can't remember the old crone's name that taught the bible study class, but I distinctly remember her saying "Oh great! Another Bruffey, I guess you can go to the Library too!" Suited me. I needed a nap!!!


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