Tuesday, November 08, 2011

The Bucks Stop Here

Saturday was the opening day of black powder season in the world of deer hunting.

My nephew and my husband both took eight-point bucks. Those who are aversive to dead deer photos, please avert your eyes. However, do check out the video below the photo if you want to see the deer on the right as he was when he was alive.

The deer are both in freezers and will be eaten. We don't waste them.

I prefer to shoot deer with my Nikon or the video camera. The deer James shot has been wandering around the farm since August. I have video of the deer in velvet as well as the following video that I shot in October one evening when the buck found its way into the front yard. It's a little long, for which I apologize, but he was fascinating to watch.


  1. Well, that'll teach him for coming into YOUR yard... LMAO. I am never going to come graze on your property... nope... nevah evah evah.

    Love, Bambi

  2. I like your pictures much better. You know that, lol.


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